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About Sound Insulation


Sound insulation or Sound proofing is the process of reducing sound pressure that is emitted from any type of sound producing device. Sound is reduced by fitting sound insulation behind ceiling and wall panels. The Sound Insulation is used to cover all the cavities in the wall and ceiling so as to create a barrier preventing the sound from leaving the wall and ceiling.

Benefits of Sound Insulation

If you work at home or you want a quiet place in your house to concentrate, sound proofing may be your answer to increasing your productivity. Sound proofing can also work the other way by keeping the noise from coming out so if you want practice with your band on a late night then sound proofing will keep the noise from reaching your neighbours. There are of course many areas of your house that can also benefit from soundproofing such as the laundry room or the home theatre room. Also if you live in a noisy area like near an airport or highway then sound insulation will keep all the noise out.

Sound Insulation Installation

Sound Insulation installation will need to be installed by a professional. Insulating walls and ceiling is not a simple process due to it involving obstacles such as electrical wiring and plumbing pipes which can provide a serious challenge to anyone trying to do the installation on their own. A professional insulation installer on the other hand will navigate through the obstacles with ease and do the installation with precision and accuracy.

Aeroinsul is an accredited installer of sound insulation products for any type of room. The sound insulation products that we offer include Soundlite Sound Proofing, Ecosound Sound Proofing and Cavitybatt.