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DIY Geyser Blanket Kit



Our geyser pack is manufactured according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards and is produced from naturally occurring minerals such as silica sand which is a sustainable resource and up to 80% recycled glass ensuring that you receive an environmentally friendly, non-combustible and easy to install energy saving solution .

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Microsoft Word - DIY GEYSER BLANKET KIT.docx.docx.docxA recent study showed that it takes a 3kw, 150 litre geyser 2 hours to heat water to 60 ºC. With a geyser blanket the heat will be retained above 60 ºC for 6 hours, reducing the number of heating cycles, which is an easy and highly effective way of saving electricity. You don’t have to worry about turning your geyser on and off after fitting the Geyser Pack. You can leave it to do the money and electricity saving for you.

All bulk insulation has an R-value to determine its effectiveness. The R-value is the ability of the product to resist the transfer of heat and is the most important factor when selecting a geyser blanket. The higher the R-value the more effective the insulation properties of the product.


Reasons to choose a Geyser Pack:


  1. Reduces your geyser electricity usage by up to 58%.
  2. Non-combustible.
  3. Manufactured from sustainable resources.
  4. Up to 80% recycled materials.
  5. Lightweight, easy to install
  6. No associated health risks.

A geyser pack consists of:

  • Geyser blanket – flexible glasswool with foil facing.
  • Pipe insulation – 5 x 1 m snap on pipes.
  • Binding tape.