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ductwrapDuctwrap Metal Duct External Insulation
Ductwrap is specifically designed as a thermal insulation blanket manufactured from high quality, non combustible Glasswool bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder and faced with a reinforced aluminum foil/kraft laminate.

A 100 mm overlapping flange is provided on one side for a neater appearance and adequate seal.

Quality Management System

Insulation Refractory products are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000.

Features & Benefits

  • Life long energy savings – significantly reduces heat loss & gains.
  • Totally non-combustible
  • Ease of installation – Ductwrap is flexible and easily conforms to flat or irregular surfaces.
  • Lightweight – facilitate fast installation
  • Inert – free of flame retardant chemicals
  • Safe application and use
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be used in high humidity environment
  • Longevity – Long product life – will not age
  • Ensures lower operating costs – air is delivered to outlets at design temperatures
  • Lower cost – lower energy utilization allows for a more accurate and efficient plant design
  • Noise reduction – excellent acoustical properties effectively reduce drumming & break in & out sound
  • Condensation control
  • Provides an excellent vapour barrier

Fire Properties

  • Non-combustible – tested to SANS 10177 Part 5

All non-combustible products are acceptable in any application – no deemed to satisfy tests are necessary (SANS 10400)

Thermal Properties

Significantly reduces heat gains & losses

Acoustic Properties

Offers exceptional acoustic properties & enhances indoor environmental quality by absorption of noise. Insulation Refractory’s insulation reduces the sound transmission to and from a room or building.


Wrap around external metal ducts – rectangular and round heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


  • Odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials & components.
  • Will not accelerate corrosion of steel, copper or aluminum.
  • Will not sustain vermin
  • Will not breed or promote fungi, mould or bacteria
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Rot proof
  • Dust settlement will not hamper the products performance.

Ecological Information

Insulation Refractory’s insulation products are made from glass mineral wool, one of the most environmentally friendly insulants available.


Insulation Refractory’s insulation products are made from silica sand, the earth’s most abundantly occurring mineral and a sustainable, infinite source.


Approximately 50% of the raw material used in the production of Insulation Refractory products is recycled. The recycled material can be post-consumer glass (from housing) or waste glass from flat glass manufacture, which would otherwise go to landfill.


The manufacturing process doesn’t to use or contain CFS’s or any other damaging gases.


Compression packed in polyethylene bag

Tools Needed For Installation

Tape measure
sharp knife/blade
straight edge
straping equipment.

Installation Instructions

Insulation of Straight Duct and Fittings

  1. Before applying duct wrap, air ducts shall be clean, dry and tightly sealed at all joints and seams.
  2. All portions of duct designated to receive duct wrap shall be completely covered with duct wrap.
  3. To ensure installed thermal performance, duct wrap insulation shall be cut to “stretch-out” dimensions as shown in Table 2 below.
  4. Install duct wrap insulation with facing outside so that the tape flap overlaps the insulation and facing at the other end of the piece of duct wrap. Adjacent sections of duct wrap insulation shall be tightly butted with the 50mm taping flap overlapping. If ducts are rectangular or square, install so insulation is not excessively compressed at corners.
  5. Seams and joints shall be sealed with pressure-sensitive tape matching the insulation facing.
  6. Where rectangular ducts are 600mm in width or greater, duct wrap insulation shall be additionally secured with strapping at 300mm centers.
  7. Where a vapor barrier is required; seal all tears, punctures and other penetrations of the duct wrap facing using one of the above methods to provide a vapor tight system.

Handling & Storage

Store product undercover, and in dry conditions. Store flat. Handle with care, especially on the edges and corners, which can be damaged if subject to sharp or heavy impact. Do not apply excessive pressure, for example by standing or sitting on the product, as permanent damage may be caused.


Install 25/40/50 mm thick flexible non combustible lightweight “Ductwrap” over external metal duct as insulation material of 16/18 kg/m3 density in reinforced foil / black metalized foil facings, over rectangular and round heating/ventilation/air conditioning duct systems. Install strictly in accordance to manufacturers detail & specifications.